Transportation network - Moving goods and people

Catalogue number: 50-502-X

Issue number: 2018004

Transportation network - Moving goods and people
Description: Transportation network - Moving goods and people

By boat

  • Over 550 port facilities
  • 18 Canadian Port Authorities
  • Handled international trade valued at $251 billion
  • Total traffic for Canadian Port Authorities was 342 million tonnes

By train

  • 26 federally regulated railways
  • Three class 1 Railways
  • 41,465 route kilometres of railway track
  • Rail freight just over 331 million tonnes

By plane

  • 26 national airports
  • 285 certified land aerodromes
  • 6.5 million aircraft movements
  • Over 156 million air passengers per year

By truck

  • Over 24 million road motor vehicles
  • 1.13 million kilometres of two-lane roads or equivalent
  • For-hire trucking traffic amounted to 295 billion tonne-kilometres

  • Direct economic footprint of Canada's transportation sector was $88 billion in 2018, which translated to 920 thousand jobs
  • Over $1.2 trillion of goods moved to and from international markets
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